Student Placement and Exemption

Until recently the First Year Writing Program of NCCU used Accuplacer to determine how and on what basis students were placed ENG 1050, the program’s developmental course. While the current process uses SAT/ACT scores to determine student placement, the University College has continued to take up indirect methods for evaluating student work for placement. This report will not only outline and discuss the implications of this process, but also review Dr. Fulford’s (and her program’s) satisfaction with these placement methods.

In her conversation with the University College Director last year, Dr. Fulford received additional information regarding the placement process including how the cut-off was determined. The University College, who controls the placement process, determines placement cutoffs by correlating SAT/ACT scores to a study of past student course pass rates.

While the University College largely controls the placement process, there are opportunities for student agency through NCCU’s policy on challenging exams. That is, students who wish to challenge their placement into ENG 1050, even ENG 1110 or ENG 1210, may refer to the university’s policy and procedures to determine their eligibility. Provided they are eligible, they can apply to take an exam in English composition during the first week of classes.